Surgical Scar Breast Carcinoma: A Rare Entity

  • Ateeque Ahmed Khan Professor, Chairperson and Head of Radiology Department, Dow University of Health Sciences
  • Sasui Memon Resident Radiology Department, Dow University of Health Sciences
Keywords: Surgical scar carcinoma, Scar carcinoma, Breast carcinoma


Breast carcinoma is common having many predisposing and genetic causes, however, breast carcinoma of surgical scar is very rare entity. Carcinomatous changes can occur at the site of burns scar, chronic ulcers, fistulous tracts, chronic infections and surgical scars. Here we report the case of 44 years old female patient who underwent surgical excision of Fibroadenoma of left breast and developed mass at the site of previous surgical scar 7 years later, which proved to be carcinoma on radiological imaging and biopsy reports. 

Case Reports