Restoration of Bilateral Premolars Using Custom Made Cast Post and Core: A Case Report

  • Asma Bibi Islamabad Dental Hospital
  • Saima Azam Islamabad Dental Hospital
  • Rida Fatima Waseem Islamabad Dental Hospital


When grossly carious teeth need to be restored after endodontic treatment, long term success depends on the choice of the post and core systems. A custom-cast post and core is recommended when the remaining tooth structure is compromised and an insufficient ferrule is present. The following case report depicts the restoration of bilateral grossly carious premolar teeth by using custom-cast posts followed by PFM crowns. The patient presented with bilateral severely carious premolars with pulpal necrosis. The treatment plan included endodontic treatment followed by custom-cast posts and cores with PFM crowns. In this way, aesthetics and function for the patient can be achieved by using cast metal posts and metal ceramic crowns for the restoration of premolars.

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