Management of Thalassemia in Pakistan

  • Naghmi Asif .Associate Prof, Department of Pathology, Islamabad Medical & Dental College
  • Khalid Hassan Prof/HOD, Department of Pathology, Islamabad Medical & Dental College
Keywords: Beta Thalassemia


Beta Thalassemia is the most common genetic disorder. The disorder is prevalent worldwide. About 3% of the world’s population carries the genes for Beta Thalassemia and it is estimated that every year about 60000 thalassemic babies are born all over the world.1 Approximately 79% of affected births are in the Asian population. Carrier rate in Pakistan ranges between 5-8%, and around 5000 children are diagnosed each year with beta thalassemia in Pakistan.2 Consanguinity is the main factor leading to high prevalence in Pakistan. There are 25,000 children registered with thalassemia federation of Pakistan however the actual figure is much higher which may be around one lac, as a lot many are living in villages that are not registered with any thalassemia center