Level of Knowledge and Perceived Barriers about Mammography among Females

  • Naushaba Malik Department of Radiology, Social Security Hospital, Islamabad
Keywords: Breast Cancer, Mammography


Objective: To assess the level of knowledge and perceived barriers of mammography among women of 40 years of age and above, of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city. Subjects and Methods: A cross-sectional survey was carried out in outpatient departments of two tertiary care hospitals, of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city through interviewer administered questionnaire. Second part of the questionnaire was self-developed and pilot tested while third part was adopted from Champion’s Health Belief Model. Ethical approval from hospital management and written informed consent from participants was taken. About 350 participants were interviewed completely. Data were analyzed by using SPSS version 16.0.

Results: Mean age of the participants was 52.91±8.59 years. Out of total study population, 197 (56.29%) participants had poor level of knowledge while 155 (44.30%) women agreed on that 36-45 years is suitable age for mammography. Few barriers were highlighted through questionnaire, some more than others like, inspite of being expensive, I will get it done, if doctor advised me (58.29%)”, “lack of awareness about health facility having Mammography” (53.72%), dislike, being examined by male doctor (52.86%). Lack of transport facility (50%) and “permission from husband (50.29%).

Conclusion: Increasing the level of knowledge about mammography will help in reducing the perceived barriers and improving the attitude towards mammography in women.

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