Cerebellar Tubercular Abscess

  • Adil Aziz Khan Senior Registrar, Department of Neurosurgery, Hoy Family Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Shafiq Umar Registrar Department of Neurosurgery, Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Huma Mushtaq Associate Prof. Department of Pathology, Islamabad Medical & Dental College, Islamabad
Keywords: Immunocompetent adult, Solitary cerebellar abscess, Tuberculous abscess


Tubercular brain abscess is an uncommon lesion and tubercular cerebellar abscess is rarely reported. Almost all case reports of tuberculous abscess are described in HIVinfected or immunocompromised patients. We report a case of presented with an immunocompetent patient who was diagnosed with probable tuberculous brain abscess of the cerebellum. She complained of headache, neck pain and unsteadiness of gait since two months and associated diplopia on clinical examination. She did not have any history of pulmonary tuberculosis. Diagnosis was made by CT scan/MRI of brain. She responded well to anti tuberculous treatment and her symptoms resolved without any surgical intervention.

Case Reports