Scurvy “in the Land of Citrus Fruits”

  • Parveen Akhtar Prof. & Head Department of Pediatrics, Foundation University Medical College, Islamabad
  • Kiran Mushtaq Toor Senior Registrar, Department of Pediatric, Foundation University Medical College, Islamabad
Keywords: Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid, Gum hyperplasia, Scurvy, Metabolic complications, Nutrition, Pocalcemia


Nutritional deficiencies including scurvy are still prevalent in developing countries though not as common as they once were. Vitamin C deficiency has varied presentations including musculoskeletal problems, skin manifestations and bleeding tendency. We report a case of a five years old developmentally normal child who presented with debilitating bone pains and inability to walk. Overall clinical and radiological features were suggestive of scurvy. Treatment with vitamin C resulted in significant improvement. 

Case Reports