Effect of Losartan in Comparison with Pioglitazone on Lipid Profile in a Rat Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

  • Muhammad Nauman Shad Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Sahara Medical College, Narowal
  • Muhammad Sair Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Islam Medical College, Sialkot
  • Amir Jalal Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Sahara Medical College, Narowal
  • Sadia Chiragh Retired Professor of Department of Pharmacology, PGMI, Lahore
  • Zeeshan Ahmad PhD Research Scholar, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sargodha
Keywords: Lipid Profile, Losartan, Pioglitazone, Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus


Objective: To evaluate the effect of losartan in comparison with pioglitazone on lipid profile in a type 2 diabetic rat mode.
Materials and Methods: This case control study was conducted in Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI), Lahore from June to August 2011. Forty-five Sprague-Dawley rats of 5 weeks of age were randomized into three groups. All the rats were fed a high fat and sucrose diet. Pioglitazone or Losartan were given along with this diet to the rats in groups HFDPIO and HFD-LOS respectively, while group HFD was kept as control. At the end of 12 weeks, serum samples were obtained from all the animals and total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglyceride levels were obtained using kit method. LDL-cholesterol was determined using the Friedewald formula.
Results: At the end of study period, lipid profile parameters were statistically improved between HFD-PIO and the control HFD group. The difference in the lipid profile parameters between the HFD-LOS and the control HFD group as well as between the HFD-PIO and HFD-LOS groups was not significant.
Conclusion: The ARB losartan has a small but insignificant effect on lipid profile. 

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