Comparison of Effectiveness of Topical Versus Oral Nifedipine for Treatment of Chronic Anal Fissure

  • Ahsan Ali Mirza HoD General Surgery PAEC General Hospital Islamabad
  • Muhammad Asif Department of General Surgery, PAEC General Hospital, Islamabad
  • Uzma Javed Gul Department of General Surgery, PAEC General Hospital, Islamabad
Keywords: Fissure in Ano, Nifedipine, Pain


Objective: To compare the effectiveness of topical and oral Nifedipine in the treatment of chronic anal fissure.
Patients and Methods: In this randomized control trial total of 124 patients with chronic anal fissure (CAF) were selected through OPD and divided randomly into two equal groups. In Group A the topical Nifedipine (2%) was applied, while in Group B the oral Nifedipine 10mg TDS was used. Both groups were compared in terms of pain and healing measured one month after starting treatment.
Results: Mean age of the patients was 38.81±11.81 years. In both groups there was statistically significant difference for the age but no difference was found regarding gender and baseline visual analogue scale. Group A had better healing rate and pain relieve as compared to Group B. There was no difference between groups regarding the effectiveness of treatment.
Conclusion: The topical Nifedipine has better healing effects as compared to the oral Nifedipine. The oral form is better in relieving pain after one month of treatment. There was no difference between oral and topical form in terms of overall effectiveness.

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