Lingual Thyroid Presenting as an Asymptomatic Pedunculated Oropharyngeal Mass

  • Ghulam Saqulain Head, Department of ENT, Capital Hospital, Islamabad
Keywords: Ectopic thyroid, Lingual thyroid, Pedunculated mass


Lingual Thyroid is a rare developmental anomaly and constitute 90% of ectopic thyroids, first described by Hickman in 1869. Lingual Thyroid are usually symptomatic and commonly cause dysphagia and dyspnea and are rarely asymptomatic. They are usually seen arising from the tongue base in the midline. We report a very rare case of Lingual Thyroid in a 38-year-female presenting as an asymptomatic pedunculated mass in the oropharynx arising from the tongue base from the left side. The occurrence of Lingual Thyroid as a pedunculated virtually asymptomatic mass is very rare and literature search did not reveal a case of pedunculated Lingual Thyroid in this region. This case report highlights that Lingual Thyroid very rarely can present with pedunculated superficial mass and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of oropharyngeal masses.

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