Appraisal of National Response to Chronic Hepatitis in Pakistan

  • Amimah Fatima Asif Medical Officer, DHQ Hospital Nankana Sahib
Keywords: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C


Chronic hepatitis has emerged as a grave health crisis in Pakistan that is becoming increasingly difficult to control. The national response in the public and private sector is lacking realism, direction and strategy. The aim of the present review was to analyze the efforts directed towards elimination of this menace, outline the challenges and make pragmatic recommendations. We searched PubMed, Google Scholar and Google web search for relevant indexed literature in English using the Mesh terms ‘Chronic Hepatitis’, ‘Pakistan’, ‘Hepatitis B’, ‘Hepatitis C’, ‘Hepatitis prevention’, ‘National hepatitis control’, etc. Rigorous efforts to improve the capacity of the primary healthcare establishments are pivotal to contain further spread of hepatitis B and C infections. Combating quackery, regulating the use of medical sharps and making affordable hepatitis treatment accessible to the masses should be the principal focus of the government. Healthcare delivery units should be equipped to render complete coverage of essential quality hepatitis services in order to curb this menace.

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