Diagnostic Accuracy of Fiber Optic Laryngoscopy

  • Rabia Zaman Khan Assistant Professor, Department of ENT, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
  • Asim Iqbal Professor, Department of ENT, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
  • Ghulam Saqulain Head of Department & Associate Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, Capital Hospital PGMI, Islamabad, Pakistan http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6452-9339
Keywords: Direct laryngoscopy, Diagnostic accuracy, Fiber optic laryngoscopy, Hoarseness


Background: Laryngeal examination of patients with hoarseness is essential to diagnose a wide range of pathologies. Laryngeal visualization has progressed from simple indirect mirror examination to virtual laryngoscopy with flexible fiber optic laryngoscope as an acceptable option. This study was done to determine the diagnostic accuracy of fiber optic laryngoscopy in patients with hoarseness.
Material and Methods: This cross-sectional comparative study included a sample of 155 participants, of both genders, aged 20 to 60 years with hoarseness of at least 1 month duration. Participants were recruited through non probability consecutive sampling technique from ENT department, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore, Pakistan over a period of six months (October 2015 to March 2016). Patients fulfilling the selection criteria were subjected to Fiber Optic Laryngoscopy (FOL) under local anesthesia followed by Direct Laryngoscopy (DL) under general anesthesia and findings recorded. Data was collected, tabulated and analyzed using SPSS 17. Diagnostic value of FOL versus DL was calculated with frequency, percentage, sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV) and negative predictive value (NPV).
Results: Out of 155 participants, 48.39 % (75) were males and 51.61 % (80) females, with mean age of 31 ± 9.54 years. Assessment of diagnostic accuracy of fiber optic laryngoscopy taking direct laryngoscopy as criterion standard showed an accuracy of 80.65% with 89.19% sensitivity, 77.96% specificity, 55.93% PPV, and 95.83% NPV.
Conclusions: Fiber optic laryngoscopy is an excellent tool for the diagnosis of hoarseness, with a diagnostic accuracy of 80.65%.

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