High Resolution Computed Tomography Chest Findings Among Post-COVID Patients

  • Rabia Shahid Sahiwal Teaching Hospital, Sahiwal
  • Muhammad Saleem Akhter Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal
  • Muhammad Waseem Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal
  • Maryam Rafiq Sahiwal Medical College
Keywords: Covid-19, Pneumonia, Radiology



Background: HRCT chest has proven to be a helpful radiological modality to assess the course of disease. The main objective of the study was to analyze the pattern of lung involvement on HRCT chest among post-Covid patients.

Methodology: This cross-sectional study was carried out in the post Covid patients (30 days after discharge) from Nov 2020 to July 2021 in Sahiwal Teaching Hospital, Pakistan. Total 180 patients were selected through non probability consecutive sampling technique. Whole body Multi Slice CT scan 128 Slices by GE discovery was used to get HRCT of chest and to document various patterns and stages of pulmonary fibrosis in the post-COVID patients. The data was analyzed using the IBM SPSS 28.0.0 2021. Various radiological findings were expressed in percentages.

Results: A total of 77.8% patients had bilateral lung involvement, while 22.2% had unilateral lung involvement after one month of disease.

Ground Glass Haze was the commonest radiological pattern, found in 140 (77.8%) cases. Other radiological patterns were Air Space Opacification (47.2%), Septal Thickening (20%) and Fibrotic Bands (26.1%). Traction Bronchiectasis (10%) and Honey Combing (7.8%) were among the lesser ones reported. About 62% patients had mixed findings on HRCT Chest.  Diagnosis of Organizing Pneumonia was made in 166 (92.22%) patients while 14 (7.78%) patients were labelled as UIP (Usual Interstitial Pneumonia) with honey-combing in HRCT chest. The involvement of Right Lower Lobe was in 165 (91.7%) of cases. Right Middle Lobe remained fairly spared and was seen in 120 (66.7%) cases.

Conclusion: Patchy ground glass haze seen bilaterally in lower lung lobes are the commonest abnormalities in HRCT chest of post-COVID patients.

Keywords: Covid-19, Pneumonia, Radiology

Author Biographies

Rabia Shahid, Sahiwal Teaching Hospital, Sahiwal

House Officer, Pulmonology Department

Muhammad Saleem Akhter, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal

Assistant Professor and HOD Radiology Department

Muhammad Waseem, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal

Assistant Professor and HOD Pulmonology Department

Maryam Rafiq, Sahiwal Medical College

Assistant Professor Chemical Pathology

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