C - Reactive Protein as A Predictor of Sepsis in Children Up to 5 Years of Age

  • Itrat Fatima Assistant Professor, Bone Marrow Transplant, Children’s Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
Keywords: Biomarkers, C- reactive protein, Sepsis


Objective: To determine frequency of raised CRP levels in children clinically diagnosed to have sepsis.
Patients and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, a total of 91 children up to 5-year age, clinically diagnosed as having sepsis, were enrolled and were screened for a raised CRP level. The outcome of the study was recorded as the frequency of raised CRP level in children clinically suspected of having sepsis.
Results: The results of the study showed that 95.6% (87/91) of our patients had a raised CRP level. Conclusion: CRP can be used as an early sensitive tool for diagnosis of bacterial sepsis.

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