Author Guidelines

Review Process: Consent of Ethical review, patient consent and Authorship contribution statement are also be received from the author before publication.
The manuscripts are received electronically.  Internal editing by the members of the editorial committee and plagiarism checking are the initial steps of the review process, followed by statistical evaluation by statistical editor of the journal.
Article is sent to two external reviewers for review Who are evaluate the manuscript in the attached evaluation proforma/referee report, adopting the double blind review process.

Guidelines for Original Articles

1. Title Page. Includes the title of the article, full name(s) of the author(s), academic degrees, and institutional affiliations and positions; identify the corresponding author and include an address, telephone and fax numbers, and an e-mail address. 
2. Abstract: Structured abstracts of 250 words, including Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Conclusions. 
3. Key words: Should be according to MESH and added at the end of abstract.  
4. Manuscript. The text is usually written under following headings.
a. Introduction: This includes brief review of the topic including purpose of study in the end.   
b. Methodology: This includes study design, place and duration of study, inclusion and exclusion criteria, parameters that have been studied, methods used, statistical programme and statistical method used for evaluation of results.   
c. Results: These should be precise and summarized by tables or figures.  
d. Discussion: This should be relevant and based on authors observation/results including references of studies (both national & international) supporting or those not comparable to your results. 
e. Conclusions: This should be crisp keeping in view objective of study and may contain an important observation during study which author thinks must be conveyed.
f. Acknowledgments: Should be added after discussion. 
5. References. Cite references selectively; number them in the order cited, and in "Vancouver styleā€¯. 
6.  Figures. A total of 1-2 figures would suffice. Please send labelled figures as a separate document. If a figure has been previously published, written permission from the original publisher must be included. 
7. Tables. A total of 2-3 tables would suffice. Number them with Roman numerals, in the order they are mentioned in the text. Provide a brief title for each. If a table has been previously published, include written permission for its use from the copyright holder. Submit tables as text-based files (Word or Excel).
8. Picture/images: should be sent in J peg programme  
9. (Randomized Clinical Trials must be accompanied by the current CONSORT statement, checklist, and flow diagram).
10. Conflict of interest statement
11.  Institutional Review Board approval
Copyright release. All manuscripts must be accompanied by the following written statement, signed by all authors:
"The undersigned author(s) transfers all copyright ownership of the manuscript [insert title of article here] to the JIMDC. The undersigned author(s) warrants that the article is original, does not infringe upon any copyright or other proprietary right of any third party, is not under consideration by another journal, has not been previously published, and includes any product that may derive from the published journal, whether print or electronic media. I (we) sign for and accept responsibility for releasing this material." Scan the printed copyright release and submit it via email.
Submit Original Articles via email at
Miscellaneous Submissions 
Letters to the Editor must be less than 500 words including references. Send letters or questions directly to the editor in chief, via e-mail:
Checklist for authors 
____Title page, including full name, academic degrees, and institutional affiliation and position of each author, and author to whom correspondence and reprint requests are to be sent, including address, business and home phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail address
____Structured Abstract 
____Article proper, including references and figure legends
____Figures, in TIF or EPS format
____Copyright release statement, signed by all authors
____Photographic consent statement(s)
____Conflict of interest statement
____Permissions to reproduce previously published material

Statements and opinions expressed in the articles herein are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the editor(s) or publisher, and the editor(s) and publisher disclaim any responsibility or liability for such material.