The Paradigm Shift in Dentistry: Embracing Digital Innovations for Enhanced Patient Care

  • Angabeen Anjum baqai medical university
  • Prof.Dr. Nauman Sheikh Professor and Head of department of oral pathology, Baqai dental college, Baqai medical university, Karachi


Advanced technology in the form of computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) was introduced to the dental profession in 1987. 

Dental providers can utilize digital technology in various practice settings, including private offices and public health centers. Learning how to use new technologies broadens dental and dental hygiene practitioners’ skill sets, strengthens job marketability, expands roles in comprehensive care delivery, and provides opportunities to improve patient comfort and enhance preventive patient education. Implementing advanced technology into clinical practice is essential in order to continually raise the level of care and fuel the evolution of future workforce models.