Properties and Applications of Biodentine in Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics: A Review

  • Saqib Arshad Khan Post Graduate Trainee, MDS Operative Dentistry
  • Saima Azam Head of Department, Operative Dentistry
  • Beenish Qureshi Associate Professor, Operative Dentistry ,
Keywords: Calcium silicate based cements, Deep carious lesions, Pulp capping


Recently, a new calcium silicate based cement known as “Biodentine” or “dentin in capsule” has been introduced. It is a biocompatible and bioactive material. It consists of tricalcium silicates, dicalcium silicates, calcium carbonate and zirconium oxide. It has many promising characteristics including antibacterial activity, high compressive strength and chemical bonding to tooth structure. Additionally, it also has the ability to initiate reparative dentine formation. These properties allow their use for various restorative and endodontic procedures such as management of deep carious lesions, vital pulp therapies, perforation repair, retrograde fillings, apexogenesis, and apexification. 

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