Idiopathic Jejunal Diverticulitis: A Rare Case Report

  • Fahad Akhtar pakistan institute of medical sciences
  • Aiman Noor Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Sidra Rauf Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Muhammad Arslan
  • Manzer Mehmood
Keywords: jejunal diverticulitis, intestinal obstruction, exploratory laparotomy


Acquired jejunal diverticulosis often produces few or no symptoms and is generally picked up incidentally on cross-sectional imaging or intra-operatively. Similar to what is observed in colonic diverticulosis, diverticulitis can lead to more complicated clinical presentations including; perforation, gastrointestinal bleeding or obstruction. Acute diverticulitis is the most common presentation, but other complications can occur, mainly perforation, bowel obstruction and hemorrhage. Diagnosis is often difficult and delayed due to its relative rarity and non-specific clinical symptoms which increase the mortality and morbidity of this pathology. We have discussed a patient who presented to us with features of intestinal obstruction and on investigations and exploratory laparotomy he was diagnosed as a rare case of jejunal diverticulitis. He was managed operatively and patient had uneventful recovery where after CT scan, exploratory laparotomy was done and proximal milking through NG tube was done without resection.

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