Prolapsed Fibroid in Pregnancy

  • Mussarat Batool Obstetric and gynaecology
  • Ayesha Ahmed Obstetric and gynaecology
  • Sidra Rauf SZABMU
  • Shirza Sharafat Obstetric and gynaecology
  • Shabnum Rasheed Obstetric and gynaecology
Keywords: fibroid, pregnancy, myomectomy


Uterine fibroids are commonly encountered in clinical practice. Majority of the fibroids are usually asymptomatic during pregnancy, however they may lead to complications in all three trimesters of pregnancy and even in the post natal period, causing a management dilemma. Vaginal prolapse of uterine fibroids is a rare phenomenon during pregnancy, delivery or puerperium. While most of the fibroids are managed conservatively, a few require surgical intervention Despite of multiple publications in the medical literature on the gynecological aspects of fibroids, scanty data is available on management during pregnancy and labor, posing a therapeutic dilemma. We present a case of a G4P3, presenting at 30weeks gestation with large degenerated prolapsed uterine fibroid which was successfully managed by vaginal myomectomy concurrently with cesarean section.

Case Reports

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